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25mm and 50mm Badges

Cool froggy is here
Spa froggy too

These two badges are also available at arts-n-cards. These are 50mm and either come with a magnet back or, a pin backing to be pinned to an article of clothing.

The top one is a very cool looking froggy and this one, he just needed to treat himself to a facial.

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New creations at arts-n-cards

I have started a new idea, making badges/buttons that match the cards I make. This badge is from my shark and diver card.


This one is my favorite! I made my little froggy the arts-n-cards mascot. I have used him in so many cards and I also want to use him, dressed differently, in my badges also.



I like how the glow in the dark paper that I used for the light saber really has it looking like a real light saber. May the Force be with you!


He went on vacation here. Froggy, it’s cold outside!


For the princess.

These badges are all 50mm.

I also have the 25mm ones.


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