4 years ago, I started making cards from my own creation of a hammerhead shark, here at arts-n-cards. The shark was originally made out of paper, punch art style. We then digitalized our cute sharkie so that he can be shown off more.

In the form of shirts, mugs and even tote bags.

In our cards, sharkie is sometimes with, and without, the diver.

Shark and diver

At glckskind.de, we have started making our cute shark into shirts…

sharkie on shirt

and on mugs.

sharkie on mug

We have sharkie also available on tote bags. 🙂

Want to see more? Check out all our other handmade with love products at our shop here or at DaWanda, 

or you can use the contact form and send us your questions or comments. We would love to hear from you!


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